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How much money to budget for Philippines

  • Philippines is one of the cheapest places in the world to travel to. It's on the whole cheaper than even Thailand. Manila for example is 25% cheaper than Bangkok in terms of overall cost of living
  • Overall, my suggested budget for Philippines are (excluding inbound and outbound flights):
  • $20 - $30 USD per day for a very low budget trip, meaning eating street food and staying at hostels
  • $40 - $60 USD per day for a comfortable trip, staying at basic 3 star hotels or Airbnb and eating at both restaurants, fast food, and street food
  • $70 - $100 USD per day for a nice, borderline luxury, trip. You can stay at 4 star hotels and eat at nicer restaurants for most meals
  • $>120 USD per day for a luxury trip. There's no high bound for how luxed out you want to be. But if you want to stay at exclusively 5 star hotels and eating nothing but fancy restaurants, this is the minimum amount you should be prepared to spend per day
  • Sample prices in Philippines. Note that Manila and most tourist hot spots have very similar prices overall:
  • Street food: $1-$2 USD per dish, $3-$7 USD per meal depending on how hungry you are
  • Restaurants:
  • Fast food and low end local restaurants: $3-$6 USD per meal
  • Nicer restaurants: $5-$12 USD per meal. Anything over $10 will get you stuffed
  • Fancy restaurants can cost you $15-$30 USD per meal
  • Taxi:
  • Regular street taxis and Grab: most rides within Manila will cost you $2.5-$6 USD, including to and from the airport
  • Tricycles (called trikes, basically three wheel motorized bike taxis that are the main form of taxi transportation on the islands like Boracay and Palawan): $1-$3 USD for most rides
  • Domestic flights:
  • Most domestic flights will cost $40-$60 USD each way
  • Some routes, like Manila to El Nido direct, will cost you more at $150 USD each way
  • Airbnb:
  • $15-$40 for a single room in Manila
  • $25 - $40 USD per night in Manila for a basic entire apartment
  • $40-$100 USD per night in Manila for more central locations and better apartments
  • Similar prices in other major cities and tourist hot spots like Cebu, Palawan, and Boracay
  • Hotels:
  • $15-$50 USD per night for 3 star hotels
  • $40-$100 USD per night for 4 star hotels
  • $90-$300+ USD per night for 5 star hotels
  • Hostels:
  • $6-$10 USD per bed per night in a dorm
  • $12 - $20 per night in private rooms
  • Bars:
  • Beer: $1 USD
  • Cocktails: $2.5 - $4.5 USD
  • Cover charges at nicer clubs: $5 - $12 USD