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Updated on Apr 06, 2019 Useful Info

How much to tip in Philippines

  • Tipping is not expected at all in Philippines. You won't offend anyone if you go through your entire trip without giving out a single peso in tips
  • That being said, American tourists tend to give tips. In recent years even locals have started to tip as well
  • So, go ahead and tip if you want, but don't feel pressured to do so if you don't want to, especially if the service was anything other than excellent
  • My rough guidelines for recommended tips:
  • Restaurants: 10% of the bill, unless service charge is already included (look at the bill and see if it says "SC" or "Service Charge")
  • Hair stylist: 20-50 pesos
  • Massage: 50-100 pesos
  • Taxi and tricycle drivers: just round up to the nearest 20 or 50 peso is fine
  • Hotel bellhop: 20-40 pesos
  • Deliveries: 20-40 pesos