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Internet speeds in the Philippines for travelers and digital nomads

  • Generally speaking, Philippines' internet infrastructure lags behind other regional heavy weights like Thailand and Malaysia. While it's fine for most travelers, it can be a bottleneck if you're planning to upload lots of large media files
  • For most travelers, internet speed will not be an issue in Manila and other major cities. You will be able to do almost all of your regular browsing needs smoothly, including email, YouTube, torrent, Facebook, and Skype. On the islands, YouTube, Skype and torrenting may become an issue because the speeds are much lower there
  • Wifi speed: In Manila and other major cities like Cebu and Davao, hotels will generally offer internet with speed in the range of 5-10Mbps. Cafes and other places will usually be less than 5Mbps. In smaller towns and on the islands, you should expect the internet speeds to be between 3-6Mbps. It's very rare to get 15-20Mbps speed anywhere in the country, and the only places you're going to get these speed are in Manila and other large towns
  • Mobile speed: it's going to be 1-6Mbps for LTE, with the best coverage in Manila and other large towns. On the islands you can generally expect the lower end of this range. Even in Manila, sometimes the mobile speed will get below 1Mbps if the particular cell tower is overloaded
  • If you're someone who needs to regularly upload large media files, Philippines will be terrible for that and you should plan to spend a lot of time waiting and getting frustrated, or simply not plan to do that while in the country
  • For a sense of just how bad our country's internet speed is, check this list on Wikipedia. Philippines is all the way towards the bottom when it comes to internet speed



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On Nov 28, 2019

That's too bad how they have a max of 10mpbs. I'm in the US, and I guess I'm lucky enough to experience net neutrality, where I know it doesn't exist there. Thanks for the guide. I was wondering where I can get wifi now since I work from home too.