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What To Pack For A Trip To Philippines

User submitted photo of PhilippinesUser submitted photo of PhilippinesWhen traveling to various places, there are many things to consider and to put in mind such as the safety, security, transportation, lodging, fare, weather and many more. Visiting in Philippines is a good choice and here is a list to help you pack things necessary for your travel.

  1. Clothing

Of course, you would not want to go around butt naked would you? Hahaha. Anyway, since Philippines has a warm climate, consider bringing some comfortable and breezy clothes. Bring jackets and long pants to protect you from heat during the day and cold during night time. If you plan to go on swimming or socializing, you know what kind of clothes you gotta bring (prefer cotton). :)

2. Cap/Hat

This is absolutely necessary. It can get really hot during the day and wearing a cap or a hat would be a big help.

3. Sunscreen Lotion

Too much exposure to the sun can give you really awful sunburn. So, using sunscreen is a must.

4. Mosquito Repellent Lotion

Since Philippines is a tropical country, it is a home of various types of insects and the well- known blood-sucking mosquitoes are not an exception. You should always bring this wherever you go if you don't want to get bitten by pesky mosquitoes.

5. Inflatable Pillows

You can absolutely use this anywhere. Its not bulky and easy to bring.

6. Gadgets/Chargers/Adaptors

You'd need this to record your memories and experience during your travel to Philippines. Also, having a phone can help you locate places you wanna go and visit, identify your location, converse with people or even to call for help.

7. Backpack

Using a backpack is the easiest way to travel around the country. There would be many stops that you would encounter along the way and a backpack is the only suitable bag for carrying your things. Also, its harder to snatch and steal so its a good choice.

8. Hand Sanitizer

This is essential when traveling or not. You do not know when you would need to wash your hands but unfortunately lack water, a sanitizer is handy.

9. Make-Up

I am not saying you bring your entire makeup palette but a BB cream, a foundation, some lipgloss/lipstick/liptint, face powder, blush on, and eyebrow liner is enough. Putting on full coverage makeup on a hot sunny day would be disastrous. You would be like a melting ice cream! Well, at least, you're colorful. :P

10. Grooming Kit

A grooming kit must contain your essentials and that includes your comb, tooth brush, toothpaste, soaps, shampoos, deodorants, perfume/cologne, body lotion and etc. Its called essentials that's why you must have them.

11. Sunglasses

They exist to protect your delicate,beautiful eyes !

12. Fanny Pack

I know you don't like using a fanny pack because it is out-of-fashion but it is absolutely handy. You can use it to store your coins and a bit of money for your fare and the foods/items you want to buy.

13. Waterproof Bag

This would be good to store your gadgets and important things when you go out swimming or have in contact with water.

14. Flip-Flops

In Philippines, flip-flops are very common. Everyone wears it. And when you go out for a swim, or to just walk around, you won't have to worry of it getting dirtied or wet unlike when you're wearing your shoes. It is easy to clean and wash.

15. Shoes

You can bring a maximum of 2 pairs of shoes during your travel. One pair of shoes for socializing and one pair of shoes for outdoors. Can't wear fashion shoes when you go out hiking and wear rubber shoes when you go drink in a bar, can't you?

16. Plastic Containers/Plastic Cellophane

This will come in handy when there are things you need to dispose or to store such as foods, wet and dirty clothes, smelly socks and etc. while traveling around Philippines.

17. Wet wipes

It can become really hot during the day and you can become really sweaty and uncomfortable. Using wet wipes can help you freshen yourself up a little bit.

Although you can find these things inside your house, you have the option to buy your necessities once you arrive in the Philippines to avoid heavy luggage. The choice is yours.

I hope this helps.. Cheers!