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Submitted on Nov 25, 2019 Useful Info

How to transfer between Terminal 1 (int'l) and 2 (domestic) at Phuket International Airport

  • Phuket International Airport has 3 terminals:
  • Terminal 1: domestic flights
  • Terminal 2: international flights
  • Terminal X: charter flights
  • I'm not sure about the charter flight terminal, but it is pretty easy to transfer between the domestic terminal and the international terminal. These two terminals are located next to each other, with the domestic terminal in the north and the international terminal in the south

  • There are two ways to transfer between the domestic terminal (T1) and the international terminal (T2):
  1. Free inter-terminal shuttle bus: there's a free shuttle bus that can get you from one terminal to the other. The bus runs very frequently and takes only about 5 minutes to get to the other terminal. The boarding point of the shuttle is at the departure level (one floor above ground level), curb-side, towards the northern end of the terminal buildings in both terminals. On this terminal map (map taken from here), you can see the shuttle boarding point (labeled "Shuttle Bus")User submitted photo of Phuket International AirportTo get to there after you land: exit the baggage area, go up one level, exit the terminal building, turn left and walk to the end of the building along the curb. You don't need to get a ticket for this shuttle or anything; just go to the waiting spot and board the bus when it comes
  2. Walking: if you don't have a lot of luggage, the easier way to transfer between the domestic and international terminals is actually to just walk. The path connecting the two terminals is at the land side, on the ground level. Here's how you do it:
  3. Exit the baggage claim area (as well as the customs area if you're in the international terminal)
  4. Exit the terminal building. You should be on the ground level this point
  5. Turn left if you're in Terminal 2 (international); turn right if you're in Terminal 1 (domestic)
  6. Walk for about 5-10 minutes across the concrete parking lot