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Updated on Sep 07, 2020 Useful Info

Pingyao Tour of the Best Attractions in This Ancient City

The Must Experience Pingyao Ancient City and Travel Tips for Surrounding Shanxi Compounds

Pingyao, one of only two places in China (the other being the ancient city of Lijiang) to be inscribed as a World Heritage Site, is still well preserved. As you enter the ancient city, you will be transported back in time to the ancient world with the sight of arched eaves, dwarfed arches, mottled blue stones, and merchants. What to do in Pingyao Ancient City? How do I get to the surrounding Shanxi compound? See Raiders.

Things to do in Pingyao

Watch the performance of "Seeing Pingyao Again"

Unlike ordinary performances where the audience sits facing the stage, "See Pingyao Again" focuses on immersion. The audience walked into the labyrinth-like theater, where it was a street, a courtyard, and a city wall. They walked through different scenes and watched. The performer goes deep into the scene, into the crowd, and even talks to the audience, making the audience part of the drama. Watching along different routes, you will see different performances. It is said that the inspiration for this peculiar brain circuit came from the streets and lanes of the ancient city.

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"Seeing Pingyao Again" performance, a performance with a maximum of 800 spectators, a maximum of 5 performances a day, a total of 4,000 tickets, the number of visitors to Pingyao during the peak season can reach tens of thousands, and there are 2 performances from Tuesday to Sunday in the off-season. Therefore, the performance tickets are very nervous. It is recommended to buy tickets online in advance, as there are more discounts than buying on-site.

In addition, this performance does not have a traditional auditorium, it is a form of walking and watching. Through different scenes, the performers will penetrate into the crowd.

Walk Pingyao's Ming Dynasty City Wall

The Pingyao City Wall is one of the four most intact ancient city walls in China. The city wall of Pingyao was built 2700 years ago. Although it has experienced wars, the city wall has not suffered any major damage. It was built on a large scale in the Ming Dynasty. The current total length is 6157m and the height is about 10m. The best way to see the ancient city wall is to walk around the city on foot or by bicycle, or climb the city wall, touch the traces of the years with your hands, and admire its majestic beauty in silence.

·The city wall is square as a whole, because the south city wall is built along the river, so it is slightly winding.

· Maintaining the shape and structure of the early Ming Dynasty, it is the best existing county wall in China.

·Two carriages can be paralleled on the city wall, and there are also facilities to defend against enemies.

·The four corners were originally built with a turret, but the turret of the city gate no longer exists.

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Visit China's first bank

Rishengchang is China's first ticket number. It was founded in 1823. The initial start-up capital was 300,000 taels of silver. Since then, the backward form of China's currency escort is ended. Now it has been transformed into the China Ticket Number Museum, with more than 20 exhibition halls. On the big wall of the "counter", there is a jingle created by Rishengchang, which hides a set of passwords for exchange of money orders. Under the coal ash, the entrance of the vault is hidden.

Rishengchang Former Bank is the China Former Bank Museum. It is located on Daxi Street in the ancient city of Pingyao. It faces north from the south. It is the opposite of the courtyard where people usually sit from the north to the south. This is probably the "Southern North City" in the past when the city was built. Founded in the fourth year of Daoguang (AD 1824), it has a hundred years of vicissitudes and brilliant performance. It is the leader of the country's financial industry. Its semicolon covers more than 30 cities and major commercial towns across the country, as far as Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries. Yu Shi.

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Look at the last county government in China

Pingyao Ancient Government Office was founded in the Northern Wei Dynasty and is the only ancient Government Office well-preserved in China. A county in a district has six departments including housing construction, armed forces, public security, procuratorate, and grain bureau, as well as prisons. Here you can see various ancient documents and a large number of ancient instruments of torture. After a day of tea and dinner, observe the weather in the four townships. There is also a performance every day at a fixed time. The scene of the ancient judgment and judgment is performed by real people. The plot and character performance are quite interesting.

The ancient county government office in Pingyao is hidden next to the Tingyu Building in the south of the city. It was built in the Northern Wei Dynasty and is a well-preserved one of the ancient government offices currently surviving in China.

The county office is divided into three roads from left, middle and right. On the central axis, from south to north, there are Yamen, Yimen, Memorial Arch, lobby, house gate, second hall, inner house, etc., and extends outward to Nanheng Street. The ancient county government can be called the epitome of the imperial palace in terms of architectural layout and functions. Here you can see a variety of ancient documents and a large number of ancient instruments of torture, which basically preserved the characteristics of Ming and Qing yamen, with a majestic atmosphere. There is also Guanyun Tower at the back of the county government office. It is the place where the county magistrate observes the weather in the four townships every day after tea and dinner, reflecting the status of ancient Pingyao agriculture in the feudal economy.

Visit China's Wall Street

A street in the Ming and Qing Dynasties is also called South Street. It is located on the central axis of the ancient city of Pingyao. It is the most important and prosperous commercial street in the ancient city. It is the most important and prosperous commercial street in the ancient city of more than 400 meters. There are 78 ancient shops, including ticket numbers, money houses, pawn shops, drug shops, butcher shops, tobacco shops, grocery shops, silk and satin shops, etc., which are closely connected with each other. Almost all of them are more than 100 years old and unique in Ming and Qing styles. "Sleeping" style traditional time-honored brand and ancient residential buildings. During the Qing Dynasty, South Street controlled more than 50% of the country's financial institutions and was known as China's "Wall Street".

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Appreciation of World Cultural Heritage: One City and Two Temples

When UNESCO selected the world cultural heritage, Pingyao was elected because of "one city and two temples", namely the ancient city of Pingyao, Shuanglin Temple, and Zhenguo Temple. It's just that most Chinese people are not interested in temples, and the two temples are not as favored as the ancient city. However, what the United Nations will look at is by no means idlers. The two monasteries are actually quite mysterious.

Zhenguo Temple, which conquered the world with architecture, does not have a single nail, and all the structures are made of wood and wood. It is a great gem in ancient Chinese architecture. This temple was originally called Jingcheng Temple, was first founded in the Five Dynasties and has a history of more than a thousand years. The temple is divided into two parts, from south to north there are Tianwang Hall, Wanfo Hall, Sanfolou, etc. The Wanfo Hall is the main building in the front yard. It is one of the oldest existing wooden structures in China. Although it is not large in scale, it has a majestic shape and extraordinary momentum. The Sanfolou is the main building in the backyard. The most famous thing in this hall is the Ming Dynasty murals on the surrounding walls. The main content is the life of Buddha Shakyamuni. The composition is complete and smooth. It is a treasure of the Ming Dynasty murals.

Shuanglin Temple was originally named Zhongdu Temple. It looks like a castle-like building. The temple is surrounded by rammed earth walls and the temple is in the middle. The whole temple has a complete layout, with a total of ten halls, three courtyards, the west is the temple, the east is the Buddhist temple, the monastery, and the monk's house.

The Shakyamuni Hall in Shuanglin Temple is simple in shape, and the four walls in the temple show the way Sakyamuni became a Buddha in the form of murals. The 18 Arhats in the Arhat Hall are the essence of the colored sculptures in the temple.

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Tour Pingyao from Beijing

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