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Updated on Nov 29, 2018 Useful Info

How to take the Maglev train to and from the Pudong International Airport

  • The Maglev isn't actually a good way to get between the airport and the city. I've taken it once, it doesn't get you to the city center. You still need to transfer to the regular metro to get to the city center after you get off the train
  • But it's cool to try it out at least once. I believe it's the fastest commercially-run train in the world since 2004 (tops at 267 miles per hour) so it's something to experience
  • To take it FROM the Pudong airport:
  • Total trip time: ~40-60 minutes
  • Follow the signs for "Maglev" in the terminal after you get your luggage from either terminal 1 or 2
  • At the Maglev station, buy a one-way ticket for ¥40 ($5.7) with your flight boarding pass (¥50 - $7.2 - without a boarding pass). They accept international credit cards here including AMEX
  • The train from the airport runs between 7:02am to 9:42pm everyday, once every 15-20 minutes. The trip itself takes 8 minutes
  • You'll arrive at Longyang Road Station on line 2 (green line) of the metro system. From there, transfer to the metro: Go downstairs and get a metro ticket for ¥4 (60 cents). Make sure you board the metro train towards East Xujing Station. It'll take about 20 minutes to get to downtown from here
  • To take it TO the Pudong airport:
  • Total trip time: ~40-60 minutes
  • Take the metro to Longyang Road Station on line 2 (green line). From downtown it's about 20 minutes and costs ¥4. International credit cards accepted including AMEX
  • Go upstairs and follow the signs for "Maglev Longyang Road Station"
  • Get a Maglev ticket for ¥40 with your same-day flight boarding pass or flight confirmation (either printed or electronic is fine); ¥50 without a same-day flight
  • The Maglev to the airport runs between 6:45am and 9:40pm everyday. Trip takes 8 minutes
  • The Maglev station at the Pudong airport sits between terminal 1 and 2, with easy walking access to either
  • Additional tip: I recommend this site to figure out the Shanghai metro system