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Submitted on Apr 13, 2019 Useful Info

Best way to get to the city from Puerto Princesa International Airport

  • Puerto Princesa airport is very close to the city center and all the hotels and you can easily get to your hotel in the city for a just a few USD
  • Tricycle (often called trikes): the cheapest option to get to your hotel from the airport is to take a tricycle, which is three wheel motorized taxi. You can get to pretty much any hotel in the city for 50-150 pesos ($1-$3 USD). If your hotel is not outside the city limit, tricycle drivers might not want to take you as they don't usually like to go too farUser submitted photo of Puerto Princesa
  • Taxi: taxis is my recommended option of getting from the Puerto Princesa airport to the city. They are priced slightly more expensive than trikes (like maybe 30 pesos, or 60 cents USD, more expensive for the same distance), but they are more comfortable and safe. Taxis are also willing to go far, so even if your hotel is outside of the city limits, taxis will be happy to take you there. Getting to hotels outside of the city limit will usually cost anywhere between $5USD to $15 USD, depending on distance. But most hotels around Puerto Princesa can be reached with less than $15 USD
  • Remember than payment is cash only, like anywhere else in the Philippines