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Submitted on Feb 28, 2019 Useful Info

Best way to get around Yangon is by taxi

  • For travellers, the best way to get around Yangon is by taxi
  • These days the best way to hail a taxi in Yangon is with the Grab app. There are apparently some local apps but the Singapore-based Grab is much better and polished. It works exactly like Uber, which has sold its southeast asian business to Grab so it no longer operates in the region
  • Getting anywhere within the city is cheap, with each trip usually cost less than 4000 kyat ($3.5 SGD or $2.6 USD) with Grab or regular taxi. Going to the airport is more expensive at 10000 kyat
  • I felt pretty safe using Grab in Yangon
  • To use Grab you need to have cellular data, so either use wifi or get a local SIM card
  • I highly recommend Grab over traditional taxi because you never have to worry about getting overcharged or scammed
  • Getting traditional taxi can be more convenient than Grab from your hotel or if you're at a major tourist attraction like the Shwedagon Pagoda because there are usually many cabs lining up outside waiting for tourists
  • The key to use traditional taxi is to agree on a rate before leaving!
  • I suggest using the Grab app to get an estimate of how much a trip should cost, then negotiate with the taxi driver to get their rate down to the same amount. Grab and taxis cost around the same in Myanmar so there's no reason taxi drivers won't take an amount you see on Grab
  • Prices is very similar to Grab, with most trips within the city costing less than 4000 kyat ($3.5 SGD or $2.6 USD)
  • You can also hail cabs from the streets too. Look for cars with "Taxi" sign on the roof and has red license plates, these are licensed taxis. They look like this:User submitted photo of Rangoon
  • Always try to give some sort of landmark to the driver instead of address. I found that the drivers are much more in tune with landmarks (including hotels) than addresses.
  • Tipping is not expected for taxi services in Myanmar, but it's always appreciated. If you want to tip, 500-1000 kyat tip is good enough