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Updated on Feb 21, 2019 Useful Info

How to find the best night events in Rio

There are usually many events going down in Rio, perhaps almost daily but selecting the place you'll be passing the night at when here is quite difficult.

Most events are not properly advertised, however, Facebook helps a great deal when in when it comes to filling that gap.

  • The local magazine Rio times have a section where they guide you on the events that'll be happening that night in Rio. You can also follow their FB page to get such updates. They update their FB page daily. Rio times have both English and Portuguese copies.
  • Most tourists usually want to check out samba festivals when in Rio. There are a number of platforms that advertise such events including.
  1. Samba de urca
  2. Lapa. Lapa is an area in Rio with quite a number of the best bars and samba clubs.
  • You can also visit the facebook pages of BLESS or Encontro dos Bailes who are the biggest organizers in Rio.