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How to Visit Christ The Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro: Getting there and how to get the best views and photos.

  • Christ the Redeemer statue on top of Corcovado mountain is one of the unmissable attractions in Rio, you've probably seen on it your desktop or many tourism posters and is a must-visit for many who tour Rio. The statue was named one of the new seven wonders of the world and is the world's largest art deco sculpture. This is one of the best viewpoints and photography sites in Rio. From here you can get great views of the city below and Sugarloaf mountain. Christ the Redeemer statue and the entire Corcovado mountain is inside the Tijuca national park.

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How to get to Christ the Redeemer

  • There's no need of using tours when visiting the statue. It's unnecessarily expensive and most tours get there at peak afternoon hours when the whole place is filled with crowds. There are three ways to get to the statue.
  1. Hiking
  2. Taking official vans/ taking a taxi or Uber.
  3. Taking the funicular train (tram).


  • The number of people hiking to the statue has reduced over the years, there have been many reports of hikers being robbed by gangs along the hiking trails and it's also very challenging. It's no longer safe to hike nowadays especially for solo travelers.
  • In case you decide to go ahead and hike, the best option would be to join a tour or do so with a group of friends. The hiking trail starts at Parque Lage near Rio's botanical garden and runs through the Tijuca rainforest. The hike is free and takes at least two hours. There are marked signs that lead you up Corcovado mountain. Be sure to carry your water and wear appropriate gear. You're not given water as you enter Parque Lage and there are no kiosks along the trail. The hiking trail will take you to Paneiras car park ( Christ the redeemer entrance) where you'll buy entry tickets that include a short shuttle trip to the base of the statue. Tickets cost R$20.

Taking the Van

  • This is the easiest way to get to Christ the Redeemer from inside the city. Parque National de Tijuca has official vans that take visitors up the Corcovado mountain.
  • Vans have three departure points :
  1. Praca do Lido in Copacabana- Tickets cost R$ 61 during low seasons and R$74 during peak seasons
  2. Paneiras visitor center.- Tickets cost R$ 28 in the low season and R$ 40 during the high season.
  3. Next to the metro in Largo do Machado.- Tickets cost R$61 in the low season and R$ 74 in the high season.
  • You can buy tickets after getting into the van. Ticket prices include the return ticket and entry fees.
  • At all points, vans depart after every 15 minutes between 8 am to 4 pm on weekdays and up to 5 pm on weekends and holidays. All vans will stop at the Paneiras car park. This is halfway up the Corcovado mountain and is where the entrance to Christ the Redeemer is located. All visitors visiting the statue have to pass through the car park. You'll take a second shuttle that will take you to the base of the statue. This cost is and the number of the shuttle you'll board is already included in your van ticket. Shuttle numbers are displayed on a screen inside the visitor's center at the car park. Don't queue for entrance tickets since that's already included. Head straight to the checkpoints and take the shuttle.
  • These shuttles will also bring you back from the base of the statue to the Paneiras car park. The last shuttle leaves the statue at 6.30 pm.
  • Alternatively, you can take a taxi or Uber to Paneiras car park. . You'll buy tickets at the ticket office here. Tickets are inclusive of entry fees and a short van trip up the remaining part of the Corcovado mountain. This ticket costs R$20.

Funicular train rides

  • This is the most scenic way to get to the statue.
  • The trains depart from Corcovado train station in Cosme Velho. This a very laid-back part of Rio and there's no metro station close. The easiest way of getting to the train station is by taking an Uber.
  • Money tip: Uber Brazil ride-sharing feature "junto" is available in Rio and Sao Paulo and is a great way of saving money on Uber rides.
  • The trip from the train station to the Paneiras car park takes 20 minutes.
  • Ticket queues at the station are usually long, to skip the queues buy tickets online or from the ticket kiosks at Largo do Machado, Rio Sul shopping center ticket kiosk, or Avenida Atlantica in Copacabana.
  • Tickets cost R$ 88 during peak seasons and R$ 71 during low seasons and are inclusive of entry fees and the shuttle ride from Paneiras car park to the base of the statue.
  • Important to note: All train rides are cancelled on cloudy/ rainy days. In case you had booked in advance they are no refunds.

How to get the best views of Christ the Redeemer

  • Getting the best photos highly depends on the time and season you visit. Don't visit on weekends and public holidays to avoid crowds.
  • Get to the statue before 8.30 am or between 5 and 6 pm, the sun is not too bright at these times and it'll give you the best photos. If you're visiting in the evening stick around to get views and photos of the city below as the night begins to fall.
  • Opening and closing times: Christ the Redeemer is open between 6 am and 7 pm.