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Off the beaten path beach destinations in Rio De Janeiro

  • Most people just know of Copacabana and Ipanema beaches but there are some low key cool beaches in Rio that'll expose you to another side of this bustling city. These are my best picks:

Praia Vermelha

  • This beach is actually within the Urca neighborhood not very far from Praia de Vermelha cable car station but it's managed to keep a low profile still despite being in a touristy neighborhood.
  • After your trip to Sugarloaf mountain, you can end your day here. It's ideal for swimming since the water is calm and there's a small bar by the beach.

Praia de Gumari and Praia de Reserva

  • These beaches are located slightly outside the city in Barra de Tijuca neighborhood, the same neighborhood as Praia de Abrico(the only beach that permits naturism in Rio), this makes Praia de Gumari and Reserva somehow lowkey as most people who head to these sides go to Praia de Abrico. Praia de Reserva is at the end of Barra de Tijuca and is part of a natural reserve.


  • This beach is probably the most famous amongst surfers because of its powerful waves but it's still less crowded compared to beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. It's about 1 hour away from the city center towards the west.