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Submitted on Nov 16, 2019 Useful Info

Where to find luggage storage at Rio GIG airport

  • Luggage protection( Guarda volumes) at GIG is offered by Malex do Brasil. They are located at terminal 2 - First floor ( international arrivals)

Malex contacts: Find here

Luggage storage charges

  • Prices are between R$ 25 to R$50 per day depending on luggage weight.
  • There is usually an English attendant and communication shouldn't be a challenge

Other luggage storage options around GIG

  • Alternatively, you can use nannybag network of shops and hotels, they work with some of the hotels around GIG.
  • Luggage storage costs at nannybag are €6 per day, in case you leave your luggage with them for more than 24 hours they charge €4 per bag.
  • Important info: If you're going to use nannybag you have to book and pay in advance through their website, they don't accept on-site payments.