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Updated on Oct 19, 2019 Useful Info

Dress code to visit the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh (for both men and women)

  • There is a fairly strict dress code in effect at the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. This is because the Palace Cambodia still has a king and the royal family lives at the Palace. Plus, the Palace also contains an important shrine (the Silver Pagoda), so in addition to being the royal residence, it's also a top religious site. It's therefore necessary to be very respectful while you visit the Palace
  • I should repeat that the dress code is very strictly enforced (at least when I visited). I saw both men and women visitors actually getting turned away for showing too much skin. As I'll talk about below, you do have the option to purchase a t-shirt or pants at the entrance in case what you wear does not comply with the dress code. But I guess not everyone was willing to spend the money to buy itUser submitted photo of Royal Palace Of Cambodia
  • Here's what the dress code to be for the Royal Palace for both men and women, based on the notice I saw posted there, talking to my hotel concierge, and online research:
  • 1. Cover your shoulders and upper arms:
  • Don't wear: tank tops, sleeveless shirts, or off-the-shoulder tops (for women), or anything else that exposes your shoulders and too much of your arm. Unlike many other palaces in Southeast Asia, you cannot just wrap yourself in a scarf, sarong, or shawl here. I saw a girl getting turned away wearing a tank top but wanted to wrap a scarf around her shoulder
  • Do wear: either t-shirts or shirts
  • Note: they sell T-shirt at the entrance for $3 USD a piece. So if what you wear is not in compliance, you have the option of buying a tshirt and changing into it right then and there
  • 2. Cover your knees:
  • Don't wear: above-knee shorts (for both guys and girls), mini skirt, short dresses, swimwear
  • Do wear: I suggest wearing shorts, skirt or dress that go below your knees; you cannot go wrong with pants but it's HOT in Phnom Penh
  • Note: if what you wear is not in compliance, they also sell shorts at the entrance for $3 USD a piece. These really didn't look like they fit well so I highly recommend you wear something that complies with the dress code
  • 3. Cover your toes and soles:
  • Don't wear: flip flops, sandals, birkenstock, slippers, or anything else that show any part of your foot. Also, keep in mind the amount of walking you'll be doing and the heat, so avoid wearing anything that's hard to walk in
  • Do wear: sneakers, flats, or anything else that cover your foot entirely and is good for walking
  • They don't sell footwear there so if you're not in compliance with this requirement, you're out of luck and will be turned away
  • 4. Do not show cleavage: this is more so for women, don't wear anything that exposes too much of your cleavage. You will be turned away. For men, don't wearing deep V neck shirts to avoid any potential issues
  • 5. No hats: you're not allowed to wear hats on the Palace grounds, but this is an easy-to-comply rule. Wear it while you travel around Phnom Penh and just take it off when you get to the Palace
  • Most tourists have no issues getting in. I certainly was able to get through with no problem. Just follow these guidelines and you'll be fine