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8 Reasons Why St. Lucia Is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Honeymoons call for an exotic destination and quality time with your spouse. And if you are having a difficult time choosing which location you should opt for your first vacation together, we are here to help.

Do you want an all-in-one kind of place? Are you both in for an exciting trip full of adventure and divine locations? A honeymoon experience straight out of the movies? Did you say "Yes!" to all these questions? If so, then St. Lucia is your place to be!

From breathtaking natural sceneries to adventure-filled days and lush accommodations, here are eight reasons why St. Lucia is the perfect honeymoon destination for you!

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1. The Weather

For starters, let's talk about the all-year-round tropical weather of St. Lucia. The weather of this small honeymoon island is generally warm, even in winters. With the water and daytime temperature hardly ever dropping below 29°C and 26°C, the island awaits your chic summer wardrobe. Although the weather gets inconvenient from Mid-June to November, the rest of the months are beyond ideal. Especially from May to the start of June.

2. All-inclusive resorts

Behold, the all-inclusive resorts of St. Lucia! We don't know much about you, but if we get to spend our vacation in a place where they provide you everything, that's as close to heaven as things can get for us! These all-inclusive resorts have buffets, several restaurants, and multiple dining options to choose from. Secondly, they even have super luxurious accommodation ranges from cottage-style rooms to innovative villas. Also, there are personal swim-up bars and private beaches! If you have trouble deciding which hotel you're going to book for your honeymoon, check out this list of the 13 best hotels for a St. Lucia honeymoon.

3. So many things to do!

If you opt for a St. Lucia honeymoon, then you're in for a trip of a lifetime. With so many things to do on the island, you and your partner will never run out of activities. St. Lucia has the finest all-inclusive resorts, but we've already talked about them above, so now let's talk about activities outside the resorts -- for when you're itching to explore.

If the divine green peaks interest you, set out for hiking with your partner. Alternatively, you can go horse riding or zipline through the magnificent trees and feel the air rushing against your face as you do. Even better, the Enbos Saut waterfall trail is also open for visitors! There is also a fishing village named Soufriere, where you can spend a day full of excitement and exploration. Some other activities include partying with the locals, getting a mud bath, chasing waterfalls, taking boat trips, tasting rum, and so much more! See, there are so many things you can do!

4. The Piton Mountains

A part of St. Lucia's natural topography for more than 300,000 years, the Piton Mountains are a magical sight that will leave you mesmerized for a lifetime. These twin peaks tower over the fishing village Soufriere and tops as the best place to view the Pitons from. Undoubtedly, this beautiful scenery is just the place to be as a newly wedded couple.

5. Diverse Culture

Apart from having all-inclusive accommodations, botanical gardens, sulfur springs, rain forests, etc., St. Lucia also has a diverse cultural heritage. It is a sweet fusion of African, English, and French culture. Although the official language is English, the commonly spoken language is a dialect of French Patois, Kreole. Reflecting on the plantation past, the local food diet on St. Lucia mainly consists of starches, animal protein, and small portions of green vegetables.

6. Waterfalls

Did it get your attention as a romantic experience when we said chase waterfalls above? Well, St. Lucia will let you make countless memories doing just that with the person you love! Especially the Enbos Sait Waterfall is bound to make you fall in love with nature all over again.

7. Beaches

Beaches with warm weather! Oh yes, this is where the hot girl summer vibes can kick in with full blast, ladies. The St. Lucia coastline is filled with gorgeous and breathtaking beaches, but three of them particularly stand out.

First, the Pigeon Island in the North of the Island is the most picturesque and heavenly beach, with the golden sand enhancing the beauty. Second, there's the unspoiled Anse Cochon Beach, which has a rainforest background that multiplies the heavenly feeling to three thousand. On this beach, you can go snorkeling or enjoy the experience of a kayak. The third one is Anse des Pitons, which has silver sand imported from Guyana, along with a magnificent view of the twin Piton peaks.

8. Loads of Nature & Romance!

Lastly, we'll mention the most awaited point of all: loads of nature and romance! When we say nature, we don't just mean beaches and mountains. We mean the botanical gardens, waterfalls, sulfur springs, and everything nature-y! The sceneries and romantic sunsets result in a soothing and memorable honeymoon straight out of the movies, if you ask us.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are aware of the top reasons why we recommend St. Lucia as your honeymoon destination, we hope you agree with us! And if you can't control your excitement, this might be a good time for you and your spouse-to-be to decide all the activities you'll do on the trip. And also, it's a great time to start making arrangements. Have a safe and exciting journey!