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Best place to exchange money in Santiago, Chile

  • You'll need cash when traveling in Chile as credit cards are not accepted everywhere. ATMs are are great and convenient way to get cash, but there are fees for using them so it's a good idea to bring some foreign currency to exchange
  • The best place to exchange money in Santiago are at one of the casa de cambios, or exchange houses. They're most commonly just called cambios
  • The cambios in Santiago are located everywhere, You can find them inside most malls, but these don't have the best rates. Their exchange rates are 3-4% worse than the cambios in the downtown area
  • As mentioned above, the cambios with the best exchange rates in Santiago are located mostly in the downtown area of the city, outside on the streets. If you go to Augustinas street and Bandera street and walk east along Augustinas street you'll see a number of cambios. There are also a bunch of them on Catedral street west of Plaza de Armas

  • These cambios are the ones that will give you the smallest spread, and the exchange rates you get here will be closest to the mid market wholesale rate (the rates you see on websites like, often less than 1% from this rate. They are easy to spot. They all have big signs with "Cambio" or "Exchange" written on them:

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  • Try to avoid exchanging money at the airport, because their rates are usually 7-10% worse than what you can get in the city. Also avoid exchanging inside hotels as their rates are usually pretty bad too