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Updated on Aug 11, 2020 Useful Info

Best time of the year to visit Santiago, Chile

  • Santiago is relatively mild all year round and the temperature always stays within a fairly comfortable range all year round. It never gets too hot or too cold to visit
  • That said, in my opinion the best months to visit Santiago are the warm, dry months of November to March, which is basically late spring, summer, and early fall
  • During this time, day time temperature is in the 23-28C, which is 73-82F. This is a pretty comfortable range to be outside
  • Additionally, the humidity is the lowest during this time of the year, with humidity level below 65%, which is a comfortable range for most people. In April to October, humidity level can rise to as much as 84%
  • Also, there's almost no rain from November to March so it's a great time for you to explore the city
  • Finally, air pollution is much worse in the winter months than in the summer. Smog is a big problem for us year-round, and this problem gets very bad in the winter because of wood-burning by lower income residents in the city. The pollution is trapped here because we have Andes mountain range next to the city that blocks it from moving out
  • Here are some weather graphs for Santiago:
  • Temperature by month: June to August is winter time, and any months outside of winter are pretty comfortable temperature-wise during the day. In the evenings our temperature drops quite a bit, and even in the summer you will still need a jacket or sweater at night outside. Even our winter does not get very cold, but the high humidity make it uncomfortableUser submitted photo of Santiago
  • Humidity by month: humidity level of below 65% feels "dry". You can see from this graph that the May through September, which is the winter, is most humid months of the year. If possible avoid visiting during these monthsUser submitted photo of Santiago
  • Rain level: you can see that our winter is also the season with the most rain. Snow is rare in SantiagoUser submitted photo of Santiago
  • Air pollution: you can see from this chart the month-to-month change in air pollution. Each dot is a day, and the higher the dot on the chart, the worse the air pollution is for that day. You can see that September to March has the best air quality, and May to August has the worst air qualityUser submitted photo of Santiago

  • While summer is also typically the busiest tourist months, we don't get too many tourists overall so I don't think you will be overwhelmed with tourists even if you visit in the summer