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How to get around by taxis in Santiago

  • All metered taxis in Santiago are black with yellow roofs such as this one

User submitted photo of Santiago

  • For metered taxis, you just hail one on the street.


  • Always pay in Chilean pesos, with the continuous fluctuations of currency value in Chile, you can easily get scammed when paying in foreign currency.
  • For official metered taxis their current rate is at CHP 300 and this amount increases by CHP 130 for every 200 meters.
  • Have small bills, passengers especially tourists being short-changed by drivers is a common scam here.
  • Check how much a taxi ride in Santiago will cost on this website.
  • There are also taxis you can order online, the most common ones here being Uber and beat.


  • These are shared taxis and they are pretty common here just like in most Latin American countries.
  • Collectivos are also black but unlike normal metered taxis they have a sign on the rooftop indicating the route.

User submitted photo of Santiago

  • Collectivo prices are lower than those of metered taxis. They cost between CHP 1000 to 2000 per trip within Santiago.


  • Uber is also available in Santiago and usually much cheaper than other kinds of taxis
  • Official Uber is illegal but it's not very enforced
  • It works just like anywhere else in the world. You use the app to get a car and pay by credit card through the app. You'll need wifi or SIM data to use it
  • Uber can be used at the Santiago international airport too