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How to rent electric scooters in Santiago De Chile

  • While Santiago has one of the best public transport systems in the world, traffic congestion is still a major challenge for anyone traveling in this city. Moreover using public transport is not effective while moving within busy neighborhoods such as Providencia, Las Condes, and Nunoa. You'll end up spending more time and money using a taxi than bikes or electric scooters. Luckily, Santiago is one of South America's bike and scooter-friendly cities. Most biking and scooting routes are found in the neighborhoods of Las Condes, Providencia, Central Santiago, and Nunoa. This is also where you'll find most scooter stations. Currently, they are three major scooter sharing services in Santiago:
  1. Lime
  2. Scoot
  3. Grin


  • Lime is the oldest and largest scooter-sharing service in Santiago. Lime has the same rates across all the cities where they operate. The scooter unlocking fee is $1 and price per minute is $0.40 or $25 per hour inclusive of the unlocking fee.
  • To use Lime download the Lime app, register, locate a scooter, pick and drop it at any of their stations within Santiago.


  • Scoot is relatively new, they have fewer stations compared to Lime and currently operate only in the neighborhoods of Las Condes, Vitacura, and La Reina. Las Condes is where you'll find most scoot bikes.
  • Scoot bikes are free to unlock, riding costs 100 CLP ($0.15) per minute.
  • Similar to Lime, scooter rental is via their app.


  • Grin is also new in Santiago and currently operates in the neighborhoods of Providencia, Vitacura, and Las Condes.
  • Unlocking fee: 200 CLP.
  • Price per minute: 120 CLP.