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How to use Santiago metro

Santiago's metro is one of the best and most efficient in all of Latin America, currently, the metro has 7 lines serving a total of 136 stations.

Bip card system and metro fares

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  • Bip cards are sort of smart cards that users charge with money pay for the metro or buses (micros) within Santiago only.
  • Bip cards can be purchased at any metro station, a single bip card costs CLP 1500, with a minimum rechargeable amount of CLP1000. The maximum amount you can put on your BIP card is CLP 25000.
  • You can use your Bip card to pay for other people. Metro fares range between CLP 830 at peak hours to CLP 750 at off-peak hours, fares depends on the time you travel rather than the length of the trip.
  • Bip cards don't really save on money, they just save on time you would have taken to queue for metro tickets.
  • You may ask, is it really necessary to get a bip card? I'd say yes it is, for the metro you can either pay using your bip card or cash but most micros in Santiago only accept bip card payments.

Get more info on bip cards here

Metro schedules and routes

  • Currently, only 5 out of the 7 metro lines are operational. 2 are still under construction.

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  • Metro ticket office opening time-5.35am
  • Closing time-11.00 p.m
  • You can find daily updated metro schedules on the metro Santiago website.