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San Borja bus terminal guide

  • I was at San Borja bus terminal to catch a bus to Valparaiso, it's Santiago largest bus terminal, from here you can catch buses to most coastal cities including
  1. La Serena
  2. Vina del Mar
  3. La Caleta
  • Tickets to nearby coastal cities start at around CLP 5000.
  • You can also catch buses from San Borja to other non-Chilean cities including
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Lima, Peru
  • La Paz, Bolivia
  • For international tickets be sure to visit the station a few days prior to your trip to purchase your tickets, in my case, I didn't have to get tickets earlier since buses to Valparaiso from Santiago have the highest frequency, there's a bus to Valparaiso every 30 minutes at most.

How to get to San Borja bus terminal

  • Right across the terminal is San Borja metro station, hence the metro is the easiest way to access the terminal.