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Where to find luggage storage in Santiago, Chile

  • These are some of my top recommendations on where to store luggage in Santiago de Chile.

Santiago de Chile Airport

  • There's a left luggage facility on the first floor of the arrivals terminal close to gate 1.
  • This facility offers a 24-hour service. It's really safe I've used it a couple of times, they store luggage in lockers. There is also an area to hold bicycles.
  • You can easily contact baggage storage using their email
  • Luggage storage rates
  1. Small bag -CLP$ 3000/ day
  2. Medium bag - CLP$ 4000/day
  3. Large bags - CLP$ 5000/ day
  • You can also store small personal items ( keys, wallets, phones, etc) for CLP$ 2000 daily.

User submitted photo of Santiago

This is the baggage storage store at the airport.

Terminal Alameda

  • Terminal Alameda serves as the bus terminal for Turbus and Pullman buses. ( Dont confuse it with Estacion Central which is just next Alameda). There's also a luggage storage facility at Estacion Crntral though it isn't as secure as the one in Alameda.
  • At Alameda the luggage storage office ( Custodia) is on the Turbus side of the terminal, basement floor
  • You can easily get to the bus station from the airport by taking Turbus from the airport. Fare is CLP$ 1900 from the airport to Alameda.
  • The station itself is open 24 hours, I'm not sure about Custodia working hours. Luggage storage costs about $7 daily.