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Submitted on Mar 23, 2019 Useful Info

How to keep safe in Sao Paolo

  • Despite Brazil being depicted as very dangerous, it's actually very safe here if you're cautious enough. Security levels vary based on the time and the part of town you're at.
  • At night very few areas are safe, especially for tourists. Avoid bus stops and ATMs at night, the risk of mugging is quite high.
  • Central Sao Paolo is home to the municipal market and a range of shops. The biggest security threat tourists face here is pickpocketing, there's also a part within this area called Parque de la Luz which tourists should keep off completely due to the high crime rate there.
  • However there's heavy police presence around Central Sao Paolo, you can visit the market but Parque de la Luz no.
  • West Sao Paolo is probably the safest part of the city, it's home to government offices, nightlife, education and the main commercial hub of the city. However, the wealthiness around this place attracts criminals. Always take a cab rather than expensive cars.
  • There are some few scams here and there such as fake petitions, strangers offering you help with luggage, avoid such.
  • You'll be fine if you use your common sense.