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Know these customs before taking a trip to Senegal

It's crucial that you have this in mind prior to your Senegal trip.

  • French is the local and official communication language in Senegal hence make a point of learning a few words before setting out.

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  • The number of English speakers has been rising gradually, therefore, you can find a French-English translator to ease communication especially when you plan to stay for a long period in the country.
  • Islam is the most widespread religion though in major cities you can spot other places of worship.
  • It's not compulsory for women to wear hijabs, however, carry one in your bag should you need to go into a place considered sacred.
  • You're most likely going to eat using your hand especially travelers who want to easily fit in among the locals.
  • Always use your right hand when eating. Eating using your left hand is considered a taboo.
  • The locals don't fancy photography, always ask for content before taking any photos with them.
  • Senegal is mosquito-infested. Make a point of getting immunized against diseases spread by mosquitoes such as yellow fever and malaria.
  • Carry mosquito repellents for additional protection.
  • The dressing is mostly dictated by weather, in the south, it's wet and cool while in the north it's hot and dry. Choose the clothes to pack based on the region you'll be traveling to.
  • Some taxi drivers attach goat tails at the back of their vehicles as they believe it brings good luck.
  • Don't be afraid to move around the country. Senegal is one of the safest African countries and security is good all over the country.
  • Senegalese love music. Their music is usually played using stringed instruments.
  • Music festivals are very common in Dakar and getting to attend to one is very exciting.