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Updated on Aug 15, 2018 Trip Brief

My experience at the Serengeti Park in Tanzania

During my holidays in Tanzania this year, I spent a couple of days in the Serengeti Park. I did a safari and was absolutely one of the best experiences ever.

  • If you organize a trip there, apart from the fascinating wildlife, the most amazing thing is the sky at night.
  • Organize a trip with your tour guide and camp inside the park. Star gaze and listen to the animals roaring. Sounds scary but actually it was one of the most exhilarating moments :)
  • The tour guides recommend doing a safari after July so that there are more opportunities to see the animals. I did it early June. It was risky because it is the period during which the animals move from Masai Mara (Kenya) to Serengeti. However, we were lucky as there were not a lot of vehicles as normally happens during the summer months and we saw the big 5 and in most of the cases with their cabs. Choose a not very popular month; chances are you get the full experience without many people around who can scare off the animals easily.
  • One of the most incredible experiences was the hot air balloon ride over the park that is a must do and see! It is a bit pricey but totally worth every penny!

Safe travels!