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Updated on Jan 12, 2019 Useful Info

How to get to Seychelles by flight

Seychelles is an island country comprising of 115 islands located off the East African coast. From most East African cities, you can easily connect to the island, however, these are the main connecting points to Seychelles

  1. Nairobi - Kenya
  2. Johannesburg -South Africa
  3. Port Louis - Mauritius
  4. Dar es Salaam- Tanzania
  • In these four cities there are flights to Victoria, Seychelles almost daily.
  • Flights to Victoria from cities outside Africa are quite a few and therefore you should book your flight very early.
  • Travelers in London are quite lucky as British Airways has direct flights to Seychelles twice weekly.
  • Alternatively, you can first travel to East Africa then later to Seychelles.
  • With the exception of London, flights to Seychelles from all other non-East and South African cities are non-direct.
  • Airlines with frequent flights to Victoria include;
  1. Kenya Airways
  2. Air Seychelles
  3. British Airways
  4. South African airlines
  5. Emirates
  6. Mauritius airlines
  7. Qatar Airways
  8. Turkish Airlines.
  • Inter-island transport is either by flight or cruise.