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Local etiquettes you need to be aware of before visiting seychelles

  • Here are some of the local customs you need to be aware of before visiting Seychelles.
  • Currency: Seychelles rupee, euros and US dollars are generally acceptable though.
  • Clothing: Dress codes are relaxed and since the country is generally matriarchal, women like men generally dress how they want to unlike in most African countries. In the evening people are expected to cover up. Men are usually in trousers and women show less skin. Nude bathing, however, is forbidden.
  • Greetings: People will reach out to shake your hand when you meet or when saying goodbye. You'll get used to it though. For friends, they may kiss lightly on the cheek. During conversations, personal space tends not to be really considered here and expect some light touching every now and then.
  • Cultures: Catholicism prevails here, and catholic cultures are predominant among the people. People are very relaxed here, not keen on punctuality. Environment matters are taken seriously and littering could earn you a fine.
  • Tipping: Not necessary here, but you can tip people who offer you good services.