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Updated on Nov 09, 2018 Trip Brief

Day trip to Chaozhou

Chaozhou is a city in Guangdong Province, it's home to many Chinese immigrants abroad. I travelled there from Shenzhen and visited the following places:

Paifang Street

User submitted photo of Shantou

  • The Paifang street is located in the Chaozhou Old town. Paifang is the chinese name of the traditional Chinese gate you see in the picture and there are 22 of them on this street, dating back to as early as 1517
  • Today it's a touristic spot with a lot of traditional snack stands and shops

Gufu Old Wall

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  • The old town wall, separating the city from the river
  • It's free to go up, but note that the stair entrance&exits are not regularly located, so you may end up walking a long way to find the next entrance&exit point

Xiangzi Bridge (aka Guangji Bridge)

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  • A traditional Chinese bridge built in 1171, one of the famous four Chinese traditional bridges
  • Everyday at 5:30pm, the bridge will open for boats to pass.
  • It's a good time to visit and wait till dark to see the lights, but mind the entrance to go on the bridge is until 5:30pm
  • Open Hour: 10am - 5pm (MON-FRI), 9am - 5pm (Weekends)
  • Tickets: 20rmb

Other places I didn't have time to explore are:

  • Kaiyuan Temple: a buddist temple with over 1000 years history
  • West Lake Park