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Submitted on Nov 09, 2018 Trip Brief

Day trip to Shantou, China

Shantou is in Guangdong Province, it's a perfect day trip destination. I travelled there from Shenzhen and visited the following places:

The old street district: User submitted photo of Shantou

  • This was the old commercial area of Shantou in the past. Many buildings from the early 20th century, may remind you of a chinatown in a North American city
  • Transportation: You can get there with bus #2、5、7、14、18、35、36, the stop is Xiao Gong Yuan

1850 Cultural and Art Park

User submitted photo of Shantou

  • A great place to hang for the young people, many cool cafes and shops. Sometimes there are exhibitions

Harbour Walk

User submitted photo of Shantou

  • A perfect place for a stroll or jog. Sunset and night view is quite beautiful
  • There is a beach, but water is not so clean looking