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Updated on Oct 05, 2019 Useful Info

Best way to get in town from Sihanoukville International Airport

  • Sihanouk International Airport is located about 20km east of the town centre of Sihanoukville
  • The only three ways to get into town are:
  1. Official taxi (best option)
  2. Tuk tuk
  3. Pre-arranged transfers
  4. Hotel pickup
  • There is unfortunately no shuttle, train, or other forms of public transportation at the moment. Apparently there used to be a shuttle service until 2018, but as of 2019 it's no longer in operation

  • Official taxi from Sihanoukville Airport to town:
  • This is the most convenient way to get into town from the airport
  • Taxi fares:
  • To town centre area, including Serendipity Ferry Terminal (also called Serendipity Pier or Serendipity Jetty): $20USD
  • To Otres Beach area: $15USD
  • Taxi fares are fixed (not metered)
  • You need to go to the taxi office first to buy your taxi voucher before you can get on a taxi. The office is located ahead of you to your right after you exit the baggage pickup area. The office has transparent glass walls on which you will see English signs for "taxi service". You can see in this video where the taxi office is (at 8:34-8:38):
  • Payment is with cash only, in either USD or Cambodian Riel
  • A really good way to lower taxi price is to share it with other travelers. Just tell the booking office that you want to share the taxi and don't mind waiting for other travelers, and you can end up paying just 30-50% of the listed price
  • It takes 30-60 minutes to get to town centre area by taxi, depending on where you're going to and traffic. Otres Beach area is much closer and will take just 15-20 minutes
  • One tip I have is to get the phone number of your taxi driver. When you're leaving Sihanoukville and going back to the airport, call him directly to pick you up. You can get significant discounts off the official taxi rate (anywhere between 40-60% discount)

  • Tuk tuk from Sihanoukville Airport to town:
  • They are called remorks in Cambodian, but it's the same concept as the tuk tuks in Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. They're the cheapest way to get in from the airport, but you will need to negotiate
  • Travel times are usually about twice as long by tuk tuk compared to taxis. Fares is usually much cheaper than taxis but not always, and you will need to negotiate hard to get a decent fare
  • Tuk tuk fares (after negotiation):
  • To town centre area and Serendipity Ferry Terminal: $10-$20USD
  • To Otres Beach area: $5-$15USD
  • The price ranges quite a bit depending on how well you can negotiate and time of year. In the low season (April-October) the fares will be on the low end of the range and in the high season the fares will be on the high end of the range
  • Tuk tuks seat 4 people, but realistically it will only seat 1-2 people with all the luggages being carried
  • I don't recommend taking tuk tuks for most travelers because it's slower, open air (and Sihanoukville is very dusty and polluted), and not always cheaper. However, if you really want a local experience and are a good negotiator, definitely go for itUser submitted photo of Sihanoukville International Airport
  • You can find the tuk tuks just outside the airport after you exit the terminal building

  • Pre-arranged transfer from Sihanoukville Airport to town:
  • This is basically where you book a car online ahead of time, and the driver will wait for you at the arrival area with your name on a card
  • This is usually the most expensive way to get into town, but it's the least stressful way because everything is taken care of for you. Also, the physical condition of the cars are usually the best of all options. You can book everything from compact cars to Lexus sedans to SUVs
  • Prices: ranges from $25USD per car to $60USD per car depending on the car type and vendor.
  • Where to search, compare and book the airport transfers:
  • Taxi In Cambodia: http://www.taxiincambodia.com/sihanoukville-airport-taxi
  • Viator: https://www.viator.com (search for Sihanoukville in the search bar)
  • Kiwitaxi: https://kiwitaxi.com/en/cambodia/sihanoukville+airport->sihanoukville
  • BookMeBus: https://bookmebus.com (click on Airport Transfer and search for Sihanoukville)
  • There are also some private drivers offering their services directly, including this guy and this guy
  • Or, you can always just Google "Sihanoukville airport transfer" and see what comes up
  • Travel times are similar to taxis: 30-60 minutes to the town centre, and 15-20 minutes to Otres Beach area

  • Hotel pickup:
  • Many hotels offer pickup services from the airport
  • They're usually not free, and the fares are usually more expensive than the official taxis and tuk tuks, but less than pre-arranged transfers
  • I'm not sure what everyone charges, but I was quoted $25 USD to my hotel at Otres Beach
  • Best way to find out is to just email your hotel and ask them directly