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Submitted on Jan 15, 2019 Useful Info

How to get to Inca burial site Sillustani

Why visit it

While it is not a “must see”, it still is a fairly interesting place and another chapter in Peru’s history.

If you have extra time while visiting Puno and Lake Titicaca, definitely use it to see Sillustani.

  • If you are into photography, the best time to visit it is later in the afternoon.

User submitted photo of Sillustani

At almost 4km altitude, close to Puno city (Lake Titicaca), lies Sillustani. It’s a collection of tower tombs called chullpas.

They were built by the Qulla civilization, part of the Aymara culture that lived long before the Inca Empire took over the region. Once upon a time, these chullpas would have held the bodies of the Qulla noble families.

The chullpas are not only found here, however. They can be found across the whole South Central Andes. Although Sillustani is interesting because it has the best-preserved chullpas. Unfortunately, there are no longer any remains in these burial chambers.

Nowadays the dungeons themselves, are the main attraction.

The tallest tower is 12m tall.

Sillustani is on the coasts of Lake Umayo. The lake is a charming blue upon the dry landscape of the altiplano. The lake is recognized to have a wide variety of Andean water birds and plants.

User submitted photo of Sillustani

How to get to Funerary Towers of Sillustani

  • Tour agencies in Puno, offer simple half-day trips to the Sillustani daily.

These tours usually take 3.5 h with a 2h at max at the site.

Prices start from 60 sol (about 20EU).

  • The site can be reached by car or taxi in about 45 minutes one way.

The taxi will cost you about 100-150sol (30 - 45eu) including 1 hour waiting time at Sillustani.

  • For a budget option take the bus from Puno to Juliaca 4sol, 30min, getting off at the turn to Sillustani and hopping on a minibus that infrequently runs to the ruins 3sol, 20 min.