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How to visit East Renell on the Solomon Islands

  • East Renell is a UNESCO world heritage site in Solomon islands mainly due to the fact that it is the largest coral atoll in the world. It's coast (along the shores of lake Tegano) is also home to thousands of endemic species. It's not impossible to visit the island but you have to be determined to get there.

Here is what you need to do to get to the island

How to get to East Renell Island

  • It's difficult to get direct flights to Solomon islands, I had to board a flight to Brisbane, Australia then from Brisbane to Honiara, Solomon islands.
  • Flights from Buenos Aires to Brisbane cost between $ 1000 - $2500 for a round trip. I used LATAM, they have the best deals from South America to Australia, round trip costed me $1100. Booking really early also helps to get a good deal.
  • From Brisbane, Solomon airlines has the cheapest flights to Honoria. I paid $500 for a round trip to and from Honoria.
  • Renell is just about one hour away from Honoria by flight. There are only 2 flights weekly to Renell from Honoria operated by Solomon airlines.
  • From the airstrip on Renell island, you can get a taxi to the east side of the island. It's about 20 miles away.
  • TIP: Don't try to drive yourself. The road is just pure coral and, you'll get quite a number of tyre bursts.

East Renell island

User submitted photo of Solomon Islands

User submitted photo of Solomon Islands

User submitted photo of Solomon Islands