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How to dress when visiting Somalia

Somalia is a country in the east of Africa and has very attractive features if you wish to tour the country. The country also hosts exotic and indigenous cultures that you will really enjoy experiencing. For those that love sandy beaches, this is a country that you will love as it has an expansive show line with numerous beaches.

When visiting Somali, you need to take care of your clothing.

  • Somalia is a country that experiences mostly arid weather conditions and it is hot. Therefore, light clothes are the best clothes to have with you.
  • For men, a t-shirt and shorts can be an option for you.
  • One could also do with just a normal shirt but a bright one will be better as the high temperatures can be really infuriating more so when you wear a dull colour shirt.
  • Remember to have bug spray with you as the tropical conditions allow for insects and bugs that really come alive during the night.
  • You can have a blanket or two for the night as it can get cold at night.
  • For the ladies. it is important to note that Somalia is a country that is inherently Islamic, therefore, a head wrap is such an important part of the dressing code.
  • This is because, in Islamic culture, women are not allowed to have their hair exposed. Having a headwrap will create a good rapport with the locals.
  • Too much skin is frowned upon by the locals.
  • A nice, knee-long dress or skirt will suffice. You could have your bikini and swimsuit when out at the beach or in swimming pools.
  • However, it would be wise to restrict these clothes to these areas or in hotel rooms.

Somalia is a very warm and inviting country. It has scenery and culture waiting to be explored. Have fun while there.