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How to visit Table Mountain in Cape Town

If you come to Cape Town you will probably want to explore Table Mountain.

  • using the cable car is probably the safest way. If you book online you can skip the queue at the ticket office and get a small discount.
  • Dont bother to try and get on the car first just so you can score a spot by the window. The car rotates and you will move away from the window. Stay calm, it will come around again.
  • You can walk around at the top, you can take some snacks and have a picnic also. There is a restaurant too.
  • Be mindful of the weather, if it gets cloudy stick to the pathway and make your way back to the station. People get lost in bad weather and injure themselves.
  • Certain tines in summer you can go up after 6pm and pay halfprice. You can then watch the sunset over the city. Take a jacket, even if it was a hot day.
  • It is possible to climb up and down the mountain in a day, but you should not do this alone as there have been robberies. Ask your host about guided hiking groups you can join.
  • Always take plenty of water, snacks, sunscreen, a hat, a sweater, and wear proper shoes for hiking. Someone in the group should have a cellphone, first aid kit, emergency blanket etc.
  • Dont be fooled because the mountain is located in a city. It can be dangerous if you are not prepared. Dont take this hike lightly.