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Updated on Jul 10, 2018 Useful Info

How to visit Southwest Sichuan Region of China in winter

We decided to travel in Southwest China during winter, that's close to Tibet. It's the slow season, there were hardly any tourists except for us.

We just booked a flight to Chengdu and took a bus for 7 hours to Hailuo Valley ▾

There is also a hotspring but we didn't go, it looks like this

The whole trip we didn't book anything except for the flights, because the weather there during winter is very unpredictable. In fact our original plan was to hike the Niubei Mountain, but due to bad weather we had to change plans.

We then hired a car from Hailuo Valley to Yading, we drove for 12 hours as the road is frozen but the view was so worth it!

even at night!

More tips:

  • If you get car sick easily, embrace yourself because most of the rides are winding mountain roads.
  • Altitude sickness was pretty bad for me. Make sure you stay away from smoking and alcohol
  • DRESS WARM!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wear water proof shoes, make sure they are slip-free, the roads are very icy
  • Bring many thick socks in case your feet get wet or cold (so you can layer up)