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Stockholm to Arlanda airport by cheap commuter train

I wrote about getting in from the Arlanda airport to Stockholm by the cheap SL train here, getting from the city to the airport was basically the reverse process (all in all takes about 90 minutes):

  1. From any subway station in Stockholm, buy a ticket to "Arlanda Airport" from any of the machines or the cashier. Fare was 120 SEK for me (~=$14 USD). Don't buy single ride tickets these are for regular train rides within Stockholm not for going to the airport
  2. Find a train or trains to "T-Centralen" station. This is the subway station name for the main train station in Stockholm
  3. Once you get off at T-Centralen, find your way or ask your way to the platform for SL train to Uppsala. Uppsala is another city in Sweden and the Arlanda airport is in between Stockholm and Uppsala. This is the only SL train that goes to Arlanda airport
  4. DO NOT follow the signs for airport train. These take you to Arlanda Express, which is another ticket altogether and you need to buy tickets again and is more expensive than the SL train
  5. Tip: it was really confusing to navigate the central station, so definitely ask to make sure you go to the right platform to Arlanda. I saw a lot of information people on duty wearing neon yellow vests, so ask them
  6. Once you get to the platform, watch the sign boards to get on the train to "Uppsala C" station
  7. Once on the train, you need to get off at "Arlanda C" station, which is 2 stops before Uppsala C. Watch the digital signs inside each train car. All announcements are made in Swedish only