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SIM cards to get in Sudan

  • Getting a local SIM card while in Sudan is very important.
  • This is because it reduces the very high charges of roaming and you can always contact people in the country with much ease.
  • There are a few telecommunications companies in the country that provide both mobile and internet network coverage.
  • This means that you can also connect to the internet with much ease. However, the internet may not be as reliable in some areas like in the major towns and cities.
  • The telecom providers include:
  1. Zain Sudan
  2. MTN Sudan.
  3. Sudan One.
  4. Canar telecommunications.

Zain Sudan.

  • This is the telecommunication company that has the largest number of subscribers exceeding 12 million.
  • Getting a zain SIM card is not hard as they are found in the supermarkets and also at the airport shops.
  • You may be required to produce your passport or any sort of identification for the verification process to be complete.
  • This is usually necessary to reduce the number of fraudsters who intent to buy SIM cards.
  • The internet provided by Zain can be 4G(LTE) and 3.5G and can be accessed in 120 locations.

Sudan One.

  • This is the second-largest telecommunication provider in the country with more than three million subscribers.
  • It is also the most reliable in terms of internet provision and if this is your primary goal then this is the best SIM card to get.
  • It provides internet in 4G (LTE) and 3.75G and this internet is accessible in more than 145 locations across the country.
  • The SIM cards can be bought in any major retailer or supermarkets and at the airport.
  • Remember to buy the SIM cards from authorized dealers as here you are sure to get authentic products.

MTN Sudan.

  • This is the third-largest telecom in the country both in terms of mobile and internet network coverage.
  • The SIM cards can be obtained from authorized dealers across the country and also in major retailers.