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Updated on Dec 06, 2018 Useful Info

How to get to the Summer Palace in Beijing by subway

The Summer Palace is located 20km north east central Beijing/Tian'anmen Square; it is at the very outskirts of what's considered Beijing's central urban area. However, it is very easily accessible by subway:

  1. There are two metro station that serves the Summer Palace: 1 - Xiyuan (西苑) and 2 - Beigongmen Station (北宫门), both on line 4. They are the third and second last stations on line 4, respectively, and are about 1-hour ride from Tian'anmen Square including train transfer time
  2. Both of these two stations are 10-minute walk to the East Gate (main gate); however, Beigongmen Station is right at the North Gate (the gate most people exit from)
  3. I recommend getting off at the Xiyuan Station, then walk to the East Gate. At Xiyuan Station, use exit C2 to get out, then you just have to walk for 10 minutes
  4. I recommend getting out of the Summer Palace from the North Gate, from where you can go directly to the Beigongmen Station to get back to central Beijing

I highly recommend taking the subway to the Summer Palace. Taxis are much more expensive and there is always traffic in Beijing that will slow you down. A subway ride is only 5 yuan from Tian'anmen Square. There are buses that goes to the Summer Palace too but buses are not reliable and finding the right route is hard to explain