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Submitted on Dec 06, 2018 Useful Info

What is the best time to visit the Summer Palace

  • You should try to avoid visiting on weekends because it gets very busy with many Beijingers who relax in and make use of the extensive park grounds inside the Palace. In fact, the vast majority of the Palace is made of parklands so you can see why we locals (especially older folks) like to hang out there
  • Also avoid the three weeks around October 1st as that is the National Day Golden Week. This is when all Chinese people take time off and travel, and many of them come to Beijing so the entire city gets very crowded and the Summer Palace is impossible enjoy
  • Keep in mind that it will be pretty busy the entire summer, but it is the most beautiful in the summer and Beijing's air pollution is low in the summer. In the winter it quiets down but it is not so beautiful in the winter with snow and air pollution