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Best time to visit Suzhou is late March to early May, and late October

  • Suzhou is very close to my hometown Hangzhou (just 2 hours away by train) so I go there a lot. Like Hangzhou, Suzhou is also a very big tourist attraction in China, most known for its canals and gardens. Hangzhou is more beautiful though
  • The top best time to visit Suzhou in my opinion is April and a few weeks before and after. This is when temperature is perfect and most people can tour around with just a sweater or light jacket on. (Daytime temperatures range between 15-22 celsius in April). Trees are getting green and flowers are blossoming so everywhere you go it's very beautiful
  • Before this time the city will seem very gray and dull looking. Also pollution is high in the winter (because of burning coal for heating in northern China that drifts down here) so I don't recommend visiting before March
  • After April I think the city stays quite beautiful through summer and fall, but summer is very hot and humid so not a very comfortable time to visit. Fall is also very beautiful season, but avoid the last week of September and the first 2 weeks of October because that's around the Golden Week so you'll be fighting with millions of domestic tourists in Suzhou

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Suzhou in the autumn

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Alexis Meyers

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On Sep 13, 2019

One of the best times to visit all of the gardens of SUZ is in September / October. The colors of the flowers are bright and the weather is perfect for walking.