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How to use Suzhou's subway system

  • Suzhou's subway system isn't extensive - only 3 lines at the moment (line 1, 2 and 4) - but it's useful to get you to and from the old town to some farther places (like the train station, CBD, and other commercial centers of the city)
  • Here's a map of it:User submitted photo of Suzhou
  • Most of the places you'll likely want to visit are in the old town area, which is where all the most famous gardens and old streets are located. Inside the old town area, the best way to get around is to walk or bike
  • To figure out which stations to get on and off, I suggesting using Baidu Maps as Google Maps only shows line 1 and 2. However, Baidu Maps is only in Chinese, but it's still helpful to let you visually look up which stations are closest to you and which station is closest to where you need to be. Then just simply copy and paste the Chinese characters of station names for reference later. Download Baidu Maps app too so you can use the GPS to guide you to the subway stations
  • The fare varies by distance, but the vast majority of your trips will cost less than 5-8RMB within the city. The specific fare structure for now:
  • 2RMB for the first 6km of the journey
  • 0.2RMB/km for the 6km-16km portion of the journey
  • 0.14RMB/km for the 16km-30km portion of the journey
  • 0.11RMB/km for the >30km portion of the journey
  • I don't recommend you getting the subway card if you're only visiting for less than a week, because unlike Shanghai you probably won't be using the subway all that much so it's not worth the hassle getting the card. There are also tons of self-serve ticketing machines with English options so it's very easy to get single trip tickets
  • Just carry a bunch of 5RMB, 10RMB and 20RMB bank notes on you to purchase tickets with
  • You'll find the subway in Suzhou very uncrowded and clean, unlike Shanghai