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Submitted on Aug 31, 2018 Useful Info

How to buy tickets to Taj Mahal

  • When I visited I bought my tickets in person at the West Gate
  • There are 3 gates at Taj Mahal: West, East and South
  • West and East both opens at 6am; South opens later (8am)
  • West Gate is by far the most popular gate
  • Ticket price was 1100 rupees ($16) for foreigners when I went. Current price
  • I paid by credit card
  • The lineup to buy ticket wasn't too long. I got mine in less than 10 minutes
  • After I got the ticket, I just lined up to go through security (2 security lines, one for Indian nationals and one for foreigners). The security line for Indian nationals were far longer than the line for foreigners
  • Online tickets (not much benefit over buying in person):
  • You can get tickets online from the official ticketing site: https://asi.payumoney.com
  • It's 50 rupees (~$1) cheaper than in person
  • There's not much benefit in terms of faster entry time. The main lineup is at the security not at the ticketing booth. Even with online ticket you still have to stand in the same security line
  • Just make sure you have your passport with you to show the guy at the security line
  • Note that there's no limit on how many visitors they admit. So you never have to worry about not being able to get a ticket to Taj Mahal