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Updated on Aug 29, 2018 Useful Info

How to get to Taj Mahal

  • You need to get to Agra first. I wrote here how I got to Agra from New Delhi by train
  • Once in Agra, I took one of the auto rickshaws that are everywhere at the train station:User submitted photo of Taj Mahal
  • There was a line of these auto rickshaws just outside of the main entrance of the station (Agra Cantt). This is where I got mine
  • The fare I paid for the auto rickshaw from Agra Cantt station to Taj Mahal west gate (the main entrance) was 100 rupees
  • I read some advice about pre-booking a car, but in my opinion it's completely unnecessary. There are so many of these auto rickshaws available and I think it would be more hassle to try to find your driver at the crowded station