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Submitted on Oct 11, 2018 Trip Brief

Day trip in Tallinn as a cruise stop

Here's the brief from Dan's original post:

User submitted photo of Tallinn

  • Time in port from cruise boat: 8 am – 5 pm (time in port can vary depending on departure date)
  • Transport/distance from port to city: A 20-minute, you can take a bus too
  • How to visit: Tallinn is easy to explore by foot. You can also opt for some guided tours to learn about the history in more depth

What to see:

  • Old Town: Start at the upper part to get the classic red-tiled roof, towers, and church view of the city. Some great stops to make are:
  • Aleksandr Nevsky cathedral
  • Toompea Castle
  • For the best views of the city climb up any of the towers or visit the KGB museum
  • The old town squareUser submitted photo of Tallinn
  • Off the beaten path:
  • Turg Market - completely different vibe from the history crammed into the old town
  • area around the back of the train station is a very hip(ster) corner in contrast to the old town
  • Telliskivi creative city: remodelled industrial area turned into pop-up fashion shops furnishing stores and hip restaurants and barsUser submitted photo of Tallinn