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Updated on Feb 09, 2020 Useful Info

Luggage storage information for Ho Chi Minh City international airport

  • There is only one luggage storage service at Tan Son Naht International Airport, located in the international terminal (T2). If you're arriving in the domestic terminal (T1), just walk over to the international terminal, which takes only 5-10 minutes on foot
  • It stores both standard and non standard baggages, but prices are higher for larger items
  • Price:
  • Standard price is currently 27,500 VND per hour ($1.20 USD) per bag
  • Daily maximum charge is 275,000 VND ($12USD) per bag. This means if you leave your bag there for anywhere between 10-24 hours, you will be charged 275K VND per bag per day instead of at the hourly rate
  • There is additional charges for larger bags, although the exact specs is unclear. When you check your bag in the worker will give you a quote (usually by punching the number into a calculator)
  • Payment is by cash VND only so make sure you exchange some money before you go there
  • Opening hours:
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • I believe you're allowed to store your items there for a maximum of 48 hours, after that they will treat it as unclaimed. When you check your baggage in, you should confirm this
  • How to find the baggage storage:
  • In the international terminal, after you exit the baggage claim area and leave customs control, you will see the exit of the terminal building. Leave through this exit:User submitted photo of Tan Son Nhat International Airport
  • Once outside the terminal building, you will see all the people waiting for arriving passengers. Exit this area as well:User submitted photo of Tan Son Nhat International Airport
  • After you're clear of the waiting area, turn right:User submitted photo of Tan Son Nhat International Airport
  • You will then see the pillars labeled with numbers. Go past column 13, and then turn right before column 14:User submitted photo of Tan Son Nhat International Airport
  • Then go into the terminal building again, and look for blue overhead signs for "Locker Room" on your left side as soon as you enter the terminal buildingUser submitted photo of Tan Son Nhat International Airport



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On Feb 04, 2020

There's a luggage storage service in Ho Chi Minh City called PostCo Bags with more reasonable price and longer available days. Postco Bags spreads across Ho Chi Minh City (most of them are in District 1 or near the airport). https://postco.co/en-MY/bags/locations?lat=10.8230989&lng=106.6296638