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How to board the ferry from Morocco to Spain

  • At the strait of Gibraltar Morocco and Spain are only 14kilometres away. The distance is very narrow however not narrow enough to swim across. Do not try swimming.
  • Tangier is the main exit point to Spain and there are 3 routes that can be taken from this port city.
  • You can also board a ferry to Spain from Ceuta and Mellila
  • Note: The Tangier port is 40kilometres east of the city center. You can get there by taxi or bus.
  • There are quite a number of routes you can take from Tangier, these are the most common.
  1. Tangier-Algeciras
  2. Tangier-Barcelona
  3. Tangier-Tarifa

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  • It's the busiest route, with approximately 35 ferry routes leaving for Spain daily.
  • Five ferry companies operate this route: Balearia, Transmediterrenea, Intershipping, AML, and FRS, with Balearia offering the lowest rates at €22.

Tangier -Barcelona

  • It takes 26 hours to move from Tangier to Barcelona.
  • Prices per seat start at €81.
  • There are only six trips to Barcelona per week so book your spot early.


  • This route has up to 14 sailings daily.
  • Prices start at €30.