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Accommodations at the Selous game reserve.

If you intend to have a wonderful visit to Seleous Mapumziko reserve, there are a few accommodations you may consider that will allow you to have full on visits and make your stay there even more interesting.


  • There are several camping sites that are available for you when touring this wonderful sites.
  • Camps are particularly advantageous as they create an outdoor experience that is unrivaled.
  • They also allow for meditation and outdoor experiences such as camping trails that allow you to reconnect with nature while still having beautiful sites to behold.
  • Camps along river Rufiji allow for spectacular scenery and one gets to enjoy both the aquatic and terrestrial species.


  • This type of accommodation goes particularly well for those who intend to have a relaxing mood while visiting Seleous.
  • Lodgings are vastly spaced across the camp and also provide services such as tours around the game reserve.
  • The tours mainly include tour guides and also you could be provided with a tourist van to navigate around the reserve.
  • However, during the long rains i.e. March to May, the roads may become impassable and hence vans are not used.


  • Some people may prefer hotels as their accommodation option.
  • Hotels are also a good option as you could have the ability to visit not just one game reserve but several.
  • Some of the hotels in Tanzania have travel plans also included in the package of the hotel and therefore this can save you a lot of money that would otherwise have been spent looking for transport alternatively.
  • Booking agencies also have hotel options in their packages.