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Safety Tips for Female Travelers

Aside from wonderful food and culture that Tanzania offers, it is also a home of the two most well-known tourist destination in Africa, the famous Africa's highest mountain called as "Kilimanjaro" and "Serengeti", a national park in Africa rich in wildlife. Tanzania is generally a hassle-free and safe country to travel to but danger is only around the corner and it is present everywhere.

Minding these safety tips when travelling to Tanzania won't hurt you and are in fact beneficial.

  • Always take metered taxis. Drivers tend to overprice the fare when you are a tourist. Do not take fixed price taxis without meters.

  • Do not hire a travel guide outside from a reliable company or from unknown whereabouts. They might bring you somewhere and cause you harm.

  • Always be wary of anyone who approaches you in especially in the streets. They tend to try to convince you that you two have met somewhere and try to gain your trust to fool you.

  • Before going places around Tanzania especially around Western Tanzania where crime rate is high, always try to get information first before making a trip there.

  • Keep your valuables hidden somewhere safe like in a pouch under your jacket or under your shirt or in a safe place inside your hotel room. Do not bring large cash in your pocket. Some will professionally try pick it out and others will try different tactics.

  • Try to familiarize the value of the currency of this country. You must spend your money wisely and efficiently.

  • When you are inside a taxi and there is traffic, always lock the doors as there will be many individuals who would intentionally open up taxi doors during traffic and steal luggage from unsuspecting individuals.



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