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Submitted on Dec 06, 2018 Useful Info

How to get to the Temple of Heaven by subway

Very easy to get to the Temple of Heaven:

  1. Take the subway to Tiantan East Gate Station (天坛东门) on line 5. The station name may also be labeled as "Tiantandongmen" on some signs. "Tiantan" means Temple of Heaven in Chinese
  2. Exit from exit A1 or A2 of the station
  3. As soon as you emerge from underground you will see the gate to the Temple of Heaven, where you can buy tickets. Note that as the subway station's name implies, this is the east gate of the Temple of Heaven.

Other tips for getting there:

  • The advantage of East Gate is that it is right at the subway station, and from the entrance it's a very short walk to the main temple building.
  • Besides the East Gate, there is also the South Gate (the main gate) and the North Gate. The advantage of the Main Gate is you enter the temple like old emperors used to along the main north-south axis, and there are some smaller buildings on the grounds of the park. There is no advantage to entering through the north gate
  • There is no subway station at the South Gate. The Tiantan East Gate Station is still the closest subway station to it. To get there, get out from A1 or A2 exits, and then walk south and then east for 20-30 minutes to get to it. Here's the location of the main (south) gate