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Updated on Jul 06, 2019 Useful Info

Best way to get to the Terracotta Army from Xi'an

Bus 306 at the Xi'an Railway Station is the best way to get to the Terracotta Army from Xi'an. There are other buses as well but this is the easiest, cheapest and most popular way for Chinese and foreign tourists to travel to the Terracotta army

To take bus 306:

  • Go to the Xi'an Railway Station (西安火车站). Note that this is NOT the Xi'an North Railway Station which serves all high speed trains. This is the main railway station and is located on the north east edge of the old city wall
  • Unfortunately Xi'an Railway Station is not on a subway line. The closest subway stop is Wulukou Station (五路口) on Line 1, from there you can walk north for 1km (10 minutes) to arrive at the train station. Note that Google Maps does not currently have this station listed. Baidu Maps does though
  • You can also taxi to the station. It's very close to anywhere from within the city wall so is quite cheap to taxi
  • Once you get to the railway station, walk right (east) from the main square in front of the station for 1-2 minutes, to this point (Google Maps coordinates: 34.276830, 108.964757). You will see a big white building with "CHINA POST" written on the side of in English. There will be lots of big tourism buses parked right in front of this building
  • Then look for this blue sign that says "游5(306)路":User submitted photo of Terracotta Army
  • Behind this sign you will see this beige/off-white bus:User submitted photo of Terracotta Army
  • Queue up and get on this bus. You buy tickets AFTER you get on and seated. Ticket is ¥7 ($1 USD) each way and is paid by cash RMB so make sure you have some small paper notes on hand
  • The bus left very promptly, and the trip to the Terracotta Army took me almost exactly 1 hour. The bus stops along the way so make sure you do not get off until the final station (at the 1-hour mark). When in doubt, ask the conductor onboard. Terracotta Army is pronounced like "Bing Ma Yong" in Chinese

Other things to know

  • Be careful of fake bus 306. Real bus 306 does not have people accosting/soliciting tourists for business. If anyone approaches you about bus to Terracotta Army, they are trying to get you to take fake buses or expensive private tours. Also, real 306 bus is large like in the picture I showed. If a bus is small, or a different color, it's fake
  • If you accidentally get on a fake bus, do not panic. These buses are not harmful, they just take much longer to get to Terracotta Army and will make many stops and try to get you to see a lot of bad attractions along the way
  • You may have come across a free shuttle during your research that leaves from the Xi'an North Railway Station. I have not personally taken that shuttle before, but from what I understand from Chinese forums, it is not worth it. You need to possess a 1) high speed train ticket, 2) entry ticket to Terracotta Army, and 3) entry ticket to Huaqing Chi, which is a man-made attraction that's not worth anyone's time, to take the shuttle. Huaqing Chi costs ¥150 and is a tourist trap in my opinion